MATT WHEELER – "Justin Sellers"

Matt Wheeler stems from an extensive background in the theatre. He holds a BFA from the University of Kentucky where he was a national finalist with the Irene Ryan scholarship program. He has performed in over 75 plays nationwide, including a three-month run with the Pulitzer Prize winning play The Kentucky Cycle.

Matt makes his theatrical debut with the film 21, in which he plays the lead, Justin Sellers. Matt would like to thank everyone one involved with the film 21.

MIKE SHEA – "Robert Warden"

Mike is the middle brother of three boys, in an Irish Catholic family. His father advises against naming a child "Michael," claiming, if done so, he will cause chaos and turmoil in the parents lives. Mike attended De La Salle HS, graduating with an NCS football championship and extensive knowledge in how not to treat the opposite sex.

While majoring in English literature and Theater at Arizona State University, Mike wrote and starred in "The Pure," a 35-minute short that won the audience award at the Saguaro International Film Festival. He later figured out that they won because his character was a hit man who killed over 15 people, in a very short period of time. That coupled with the fact that Arizona has the highest population of NRA members - and the correlation is obvious.

After graduation, he let his mother know he wasn't the second-coming and moved to LA to pursue acting, where he's concluded that finding a niche is the key to getting started. His niche happens to be the "antihero or asshole," as demonstrated in the feature film 21, in which he stars as Robert Warden. Mike has also appeared in numerous stage productions in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

DAVE CASH – "Jim Vogel"

Dave Cash was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. It was during the long winter months when Dave first discovered his expanding imagination and penchant for acting. During these same months, he also discovered that he was inside a lot and generally very cold. The Buffalo winter not only fueled his reverie but was also the impetus for his move west to California.

Prior to his relocation, Dave began to prepare for his acting career by taking the stage at Buffalo State college in such roles as Eddie in Dark at the Top of the Stairs and as Larkin in Fresh Horses.

Once in California, Dave continued his education at the Pasadena City College Theater department and attained his degree at UCLA.

Dave has appeared in numerous commercials ranging from Levi's, Budweiser, Acura and MCI, to Clorox bleach and Pert shampoo. While studying the craft of acting and auditioning for current projects, Dave found time to finish his first original screenplay, drawing upon vivid Buffalo winters for his material.

Dave first met with the producers of 21 in March of 1999 and landed the role of Jim Vogel shortly thereafter.

ZACK CARTER – "Martin Cron"

After arriving in Los Angeles from New Orleans just two years ago, Zack Carter has become quite a busy actor. Zack kicked off this past year by writing, producing, and starring in the award-winning short film "After Lunch." He then took on a costarring role on ABC's daytime drama "General Hospital." Zack continued his TV work in numerous commercials, including national campaigns for Nike, Kenwood and Dr. Pepper.

Next, it was on to theatre as he starred in the critically acclaimed play, A Rosen by Any Other Name at the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles. Zack then landed leading roles in two independent films. The first one, 21, won Best Picture at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August of this year, and will also be featured at New York’s Independent Feature Film Market in September. Zack also recently wrapped a starring role in the film "Angry White Kids," which is slated to be released later this year.

ALEX MARTIN – "Sam Prescott"

Alex Martin was recently seen as an unforgettably bizarre foreign exchange student in the Jennifer Love Hewitt film "Can’t Hardly Wait," as well as in the award-winning "American Intellectuals." One might say that Alex was born to enter the entertainment industry, for he is the son of Olivia Hussey (Romeo and Juliet) and the grandson of legendary recording artist and entertainer Dean Martin.

Alex takes his craft very seriously. His acting credentials are as impressive as his lineage. Alex trained extensively at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London before returning to Los Angeles and studying privately with numerous acting coaches. He is currently represented by the William Morris Agency.

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